February 2018 Local Vendor Feature


Picture the last wedding that you went to, specifically the bride's dress. I'm positive she looked absolutely stunning, evoking many emotions from family and friends alike. What you don't see is the process she had to go through to get that gown, and chances are, she compromised greatly on at least one aspect of her shopping experience.

Enter Nuorikko, a brand bringing a gown-buying experience that was previously unavailable to brides across America. 


Who they are:

Launched in October of 2017 by expert designer Kaitlyn Thomas, Nuorikko helps brides customize a look gown that's all their own. Kaitlyn's desire to create more than just another wedding dress brand is empowering brides to create the gown of their dreams at a price we can all be happy about. The line's mix and match collections allow brides to customize an affordable luxury gown that's unique to them. 

Since then, Nuorikko has participated in Denver Fashion Weekend, slated to be a feature in the upcoming Denver Fashion Week in March, and invited to many more fashion shows across the country and even Europe. 


Why I love Nuorikko:

What's not to love about a bridal brand that puts the power in brides' hands rather than making them jump through hoops?

Kaitlyn focuses on meaningful relationships with her business partners, from her fabric wholesaler in Chicago to her manufacturer in LA. Nuorikko also donates 5% of profits to charities across the globe that focus on women's rights and education.


I've been privileged to get first-hand experience of the brand's growth as Nuorikko's preferred photographer, so I might be biased, but this is one company that we can all root for to revolutionize the bridal gown industry. 

To explore the collection and learn more about Kaitlyn and the brand, visit www.nuorikko.com.